Spartia Beach | kefalonia

All photos by:

Pavlos Vasilopoulos

All copyrigths reserved

Spartia Beach

The small village with the triple beach. Sand, rocks and all you want in one place. There is a reason the islanders keep it for themselves.

Spartia is a small fishing village, built (?) like a labyrinth.

Untouched by tourism this small beach has more to offer then originally meets the eye.
A small pier with local fishing boats, a deserted beach to the left, a small shallow sandy beach, mini
cliffs for the adrenaline seeker, and spots for snorkelling. This beach has everything.
If you’re looking for tranquillity and wish to be alone, a 10 minute walk to the left side of the beach,
you can find a small cove perfect for relaxing.

We tend to go to the right side of the beach depending on how busy it is. Umbrellas and beach mats
are a must here, once set up, looking around this little Greek gem, you can see the local fishermen
on the pier drinking coffee or tsipouro ( depending on the time of day), chatting about the nights
catch or discussing village gossip.

This beach mostly attracts locals so you can get a taste of Greek family life here.
A walk to the right of the beach over the rocks you arrive at a large rock called the Frontismeni, this
is a favourite for the local kids who love jumping off. Crystal clear waters and amazing reflections
that’s the only description I can think of. A small walk over the wooden bridge you arrive at the
larger rock called Almirithra, this is also a favourite of the local children as it too is perfect for a good
adrenaline rush. A jump from these heights is not for the light hearted. A swim in crystal waters,
with a feeling of satisfaction and awe for the natural beauty is a perfect reward for those who do.
Snorkelling is a must here and for the strong swimmers there are plenty of small caves in the area
waiting to be explored.

Whether you just want to relax in the sun or your looking for a bit more of an adventure, this beach
has everything and will not disappoint.