Foki | kefalonia

All photos by:

Pavlos Vasilopoulos

All copyrigths reserved






The place is wonderfully quiet. The way the small sandy beach blends with the rocks in the side, in which by the way is the correct place to go and hang, is terrific. Its a second choice for me, if you have only 3-5 days, but you wont be disappointed at any point. The trees all over the beach is a bonus for everyone that visits.

Foki beach is in the north of the island, although it’s not one of the most famous, it has its own
unique beauty.

A small, unique little cove surrounded by trees that offer natural shade, clear waters, yachts and
unique views.

There is something special about lying under a tree and then jumping in the water, this little place is
nature’s perfect harmony of earth and water.

If the beach is too crowded for you, there is a little path towards the right, along the path you can
choose one of the large rocks which are perfect for lying on, on the plus side you are a small jump
away from the cool water and are completely alone.