Lagkadakia Beach | kefalonia

All photos by:

Pavlos Vasilopoulos

All copyrigths reserved

Lagkadakia           Beach



My favourite place on the island. I think the most correct evaluation would be 4 out of 5 stars, because you cannot find any stores or cafés for kilometres, but the beauty of this place is without description. The feelings this place creates are unique. An unspeakable truth. 2 beaches side by side. One where the locals gather and the next one that is usually empty. Colors out of this world. Raw scenery, a must for the lovers of landscapes.

Lagkadakia beach is a special treat to anyone that visits.

Another personal favourite, this beach is split in two, both extra special, with the right side holding a
special place in our heart.

The left beach has easier access and is always a little busier; whichever side you choose to sit you
will be well rewarded. We normally go to the right side, a little walk down a narrow path and you
will come across a little piece of heaven on earth.

A small pebbly beach with caves at either end, it’s not well-known so it’s never too crowded, the
busiest I have ever seen it, is with a total of 10 people. Rock formations unlike I have ever seen and
colours that cannot be described, clear waters that are heaven to swim in and piece that’s hard to
find on a busy island. Perfect for snorkelling and if you fancy a little trek up the hill you will be
rewarded with a view that feels like you have found the end of the world, with an extra bonus of a
light house not too far away.