Pesada | kefalonia

All photos by:

Pavlos Vasilopoulos

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2 beaches in one. The visible and the hidden one. Two small wonderful beaches full of sand and wonders. Find a spot and live the exotic adventures that are offered to you

Pesada beach is situated in a small village, near the port to Zakinthos.

No sign posts and difficult to park so be prepared to walk. Saying this I feel I must add that the walk
is well worth it.

50 steps down and you arrive at a small pebbly cove, unlike any other. Unorganised, no sunbeds or
umbrellas there is nothing in sight that can ruin the natural beauty of this little cove. Crystal clear
waters and colours not even the most gifted painter could capture, this little piece of heaven is
perfect for relaxation and wathcjing the small ferry come and go.

If you are feeling a little adventurous you can walk to the left of the beach and discover what the
locals call the hidden beach. It is a little trek but as its sister beach the beauty is like no other..
Perfect spots to relax in the sun and swim in clear blue waters until the heart is content.