Vouti Beach | kefalonia

All photos by:

Pavlos Vasilopoulos

All copyrigths reserved

Vouti             Beach

The dive. That's what the name means and not without reason. The sea welcomes you with its beauty and with a view of almost all myrto's bay.


Vouti beach… definitely a personal favourite

The drive down you will witness colours unlike anything you have ever seen before.
To access the beach you will have to walk through the family owned beach bar, smells of Greek salad
and olive oil come to mind as I write this. Looking down at the beach you will see wooden umbrellas
and old fashioned sunbeds at the water’s edge, a special kind of green/blue that I haven’t seen
elsewhere and white – grey pebbles.

The beach has a Greek feel to it that’s hard to find, the atmosphere is laid back, the water is heaven
to swim in, the smell of nature surrounds you, a walk across this strip of heaven is a gift to the soul.
If you think you need a little extra something you can swim to the giant rocks and enjoy a nice jump