Xi Beach | kefalonia

All photos by:

Pavlos Vasilopoulos

All copyrigths reserved

Xi Beach







The Red Beach. There are not many more things to say for Xi, because the name says it all. Popular as hell, with people coming and going for a small blessing of this special location.

Xi Beach is another one of our famous beaches… red sand and energizing clay that’s supposed to do
wonders for the skin. This beach is more or less always busy; it has a variety of beach bars, water
sports and sunbeds all with good music and food.

The red sand against the deep blue waters is an amazing off set. When your mind and soul are full of
the amazing colours surrounding you, when you’ve swam in the clear waters and you think you need
a little extra, you can chip off some of the famous revitalising clay from the mountain side and enjoy
a natural spa… this piece of heaven has a little something for everybody and will not disappoint.